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Strawberry-Banana Smoothies {Dairy-free}

Yesterday, I made these for my girls for an after-school snack and I scored big!! Because I don’t make them often, {I don’t know why, thank you for asking} they thought these were the most awesome snack and I was their favorite mom {not to mention, their ONLY mom}. These are super easy and now that I remember that, I will keep them on my list of healthy after-school snacks.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothies

Fresh strawberries, washed and sliced

1 banana, peeled and sliced*

4 oz. soy yogurt, in vanilla or plain {coconut milk yogurt works, too!}

4 oz. almond milk {plain for less sugar content}

crushed ice

*you can substitute a frozen banana instead of using ice.*

Makes 2 or 3 servings Рand serve it with a straw! Everything is better with a straw!

Put all ingredients in blender and pulse until you get the consistency you want. I use a Cuisinart handheld Quick Mixer and it is perfect for this job. This is a great one to let the kids help with, too. For added protein, you could add some soy protein powder, but I haven’t personally tried it so I cannot vouch for the taste.


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Orange Creamsicle Slush {Dairy-Free}

In my quest to find healthier snacks and meals for my family, I came across Super Healthy Kids a few months back and have since found several yummy snack ideas. The site is not an allergy-free site, but it has good ideas that I can adapt. I decided to make a Dairy-Free Orange Creamsicle Slush today for my girls and they loved it. Here’s the recipe!

1 cup Vanilla Soy Yogurt {or another alternative such as coconut milk yogurt}

1 cup Orange Juice {100% orange juice}

24 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients in the blender and serve. With a straw. Yum! Really tastes like a creamsicle!

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