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Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods {dairy-free, nut-free}

If you’re looking for a quick, yet fun treat for the kiddos {or yourself} look no further! These chocolate covered pretzel rods are super easy to make and hit the spot when you’re craving something sweet and salty! The kids love them and this is a great one for them to help with! Minimal mess…amen?

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods {dairy-free, nut-free}

Rold Gold Pretzel Rods {Rold Gold brand has NOT been processed around peanuts}

Vegan Chocolate Chips {365 from Whole Foods is great}

Sprinkles of your choice

Melt vegan chocolate chips in a double boiler on the stove. Lay out a sheet of wax paper and when chocolate is melted and smooth, pour some onto the wax paper.

Take your pretzel rods and roll them in the chocolate covering only the upper half of the rod.

Lay chocolate covered pretzels onto wax paper lined cookie sheet. And then sprinkle your choice of colorful sprinkles onto the chocolate while it is wet. Then, place full cookie sheet in the fridge so the chocolate will harden. Store in an airtight container. Delish!

*These would be great for classroom treats {think back-to-school}, party favors, etc.


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SteaknShake – allergy menu

Just added SteaknShake to the ‘Eating Out’ page! Here is a link to their allergy statement and ingredient list for all the items on their menu! Great resource!

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Is your child starting Kindergarten with food allergies?

Then, you might want to read my post at 24/7 Moms today! It’s all about sending your food allergic child off to school and some things to think about. I will have more on this subject over the next few weeks….Until then, check out my featured post! And while you’re there, you might like to see what other helpful and interesting articles are featured on 24/7 Moms!

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Strawberry Dip {Dairy-free}

Several days ago my sister posted this strawberry dip on her blog. I love all things cream cheese, so I didn’t even have to taste it to know it was delicious. I knew I wanted to make some for my family so I began thinking about how I could make this dairy-free. And here it is…

{photo courtesy of}

Strawberry Dip {dairy-free}

1 jar (7oz) marshmallow cream

1 tub (8 oz) Tofutti Cream Cheese {I buy mine at Whole Foods}

1/2 pkg (or more) strawberry gelatin

Mix together first two ingredients until well-blended. Add in 1/2 pkg of strawberry gelatin (or more depending on how you like it). Mix well. Serve with fruit or graham cracker sticks. YUM! This would be great in a lunchbox with fresh fruit!


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Great news for food allergic travelers from Divvies!

I have mentioned Divvies more than once on here and today I have one more reason to love them more. Go here to check out all the Divvies goodness. Today on their e-newsletter, I read this little tidbit of wonderful news and wanted to share it with you….

Planning your summer vacation? You can find Divvies at Disney World and SeaWorld in Orlando, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, Petticoat Row Bakery in Nantucket, and Great Wolf Lodge, in addition to other fun family destinations. Take us with you, or call us to ask that we ship directly to your hotel.

So, if you’re headed to Disney Orlando, Sea World, or the others listed, be sure to stop by and have some yummy allergy-free sweets!

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Waffles…the Last-Minute Dinner Option {dairy-free, egg-free}

I love waffles. Not so much eating them as I do love the convenience and speedy prep time involved. My kids love them. Hubs likes them as long as I provide a meaty side or a fried egg. So, when I remembered I ‘needed’ to be at a friend’s baby shower/Ladies’ Night Out last night, I quickly ran to the pantry to be sure I had all the necessary ingredients for waffles and much to my delight, I did. So, here you go. You can make these a million different ways and with a myriad of topping options, so be creative!

Waffles {Dairy-free, Egg-free}


Almond Milk

Ground flax seed

Vegetable Oil



Follow the instructions on the back of the Bisquick box for Waffles and substitute almond milk for milk, 2 T ground flax seed for the eggs and then add in some cinnamon and vanilla for extra flavor. Minimal prep + minimal cook time = great last-minute meal. Serve with your choice of sides. I topped our waffles with fresh blueberries and strawberries and a wee bit of syrup. Big hit with the fam, as usual.

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