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Eating Allergy-Free at Disney World

Last Summer we visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for the first time with our little girls!  It was a fantastic experience, to say the very least! Much planning went into our 1 day adventure to the Magic Kingdom, and I’d say that 95% of that planning revolved around food allergies and where to eat while we were there. I was pleasantly surprised after much research and an email to to find out that each restaurant will work with your food allergy needs. If you plan to go to WDW and eat in any of the dine-in restaurants, you will want to email the Special Diets team beforehand to plan out your eating arrangements and let them know of your allergies, etc. However, if you are like us and you decide to eat at the counter service places, let them know at the counter of your specific allergies and they will show you their notebook of menu items and all the ingredients listed there. It gave me great peace of mind being able to see if for myself that there were none of my daughter’s food allergies in what we were eating. And with that kind of peace of mind, I didn’t care too much about paying $50 for hot dog meals for 5!! It was a great experience and I am SO thankful to the Disney Staff who decided to make this type of service available for their food-allergic guests. It made our day so much more magical and worry-free!

You can also check out THIS INFO to find out more about Disney World’s food allergy initiatives. Great resource!!


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Eating Out With Food Allergies

Because food allergies pose such a threat to those who live with them, you may wonder if it’s possible to go out to eat safely.  I have to say it IS possible.  I’ve created a tab at the top right of this blog labeled “Eating Out”.  It is a work in progress, but my goal is to update it as I find new restaurants with allergy menus and/or ingredient lists.  I have already listed a few, but have several more to add to it.  I will do that as time permits.  If you have any that I do not have on the list, please reply to this post with that information and I will add it!

While we’re on the subject of eating out, I thought I’d place a few cautious reminders on here:

  • ALWAYS bring your EpiPens!!  I carry 2 EpiPens at all times for my daughter.  One may not be enough to get you or your food-allergic child to the hospital in time.  I carry her EpiPens with us everywhere we go and I have 2 at home in an accessible place for our babysitter and/or anyone taking care of my child to reach easily.  I thank the Lord that we have not yet had to use one, but we have them just in case!  Think of them as a life insurance policy!  You pay the price, hoping you won’t ever need them!
  • ALWAYS carry liquid Benadryl with you.  I have a bottle of liquid Benadryl in my daughter’s bag with her EpiPens, in an upstairs bathroom and in the kitchen on our main floor.  I can’t tell you how many times Benadryl has helped keep us from going to the ER.  It is a lifesaver!  In the most severe reactions, I suggest that the ER is still the best option (in addition to Benadryl and/or EpiPen) because allergic reactions can return even though you think the worst is over.  When in doubt, call 911.
  • ALWAYS take a copy of the restaurant’s allergy menu with you so that you can show the waitress/waiter exactly what you want.  You may want to even write your child’s allergies on that paper so she/he can show it to the cook.  It has been suggested that you should alert the manager of the restaurant, as well, to ensure that your food is cooked separate from all others.  I know this may seem like a hassle, but it is better to be safe!!  If there is not an allergy menu, you can take the ingredient list instead.  Sometimes, I call ahead and talk to the manager about it to see if they are happy to accommodate the food allergies.  I’ve done this for Ruby Tuesday and it worked to my advantage.
  • ALWAYS be aware of the environment at the restaurant you are planning to attend.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, some have peanuts served at each table and the peanut shells are tossed onto the floor (aka EVERYWHERE!) and this is obviously hazardous to someone who has peanut allergies.  Know your surroundings before you go.
  • You may want to carry disinfectant wipes or baby wipes with you to restaurants because you never know what has been left on the table and in the seat where your child will sit.  I try to clean my daughter’s chair, table, etc. when we go out to eat.  I don’t leave it up to someone else to watch over my child’s safety where food is concerned.  And in this case, I totally do not mind looking like a paranoid mother when I go out in public.  I’m proud to be one.

Feel free to leave your tips/comments here, as well.  Maybe someone else can benefit from your ideas!

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