Anesthesia & Allergies

April 15, 2010 at 9:24 pm Leave a comment

I took my daughter to the dentist last week for a routine cleaning and my suspicions of a cavity were confirmed. So, tomorrow she’ll go and have her first filling. As I was filling out paperwork, one section asked specifically if the child has an egg allergy. I thought – now, why would that matter? What could possibly have egg in it at a dentist’s office? I got online and summoned my trusty friend, Google and found this site (among others). Turns out that Propofol, a commonly used hypnotic agent in surgeries, tests or procedures, contains egg lecithin. Propofol also contains soybean oil so patients allergic to soy or egg would need to avoid this type of anesthesia altogether.

I do not know if Propofol is used to semi-sedate during a cavity filling procedure, but I will be very thorough and ask to see the ingredients on any type of medicine/drug used tomorrow. I was kind of alarmed to find this out, but thankful to know ahead of time so that we can avoid any adverse reactions or anaphylactic reactions. I’ll try to remember to update after our visit to the dentist.

This just serves as a bold reminder to me that I cannot be lax about my daughter’s food allergies. Everything (not just food items) has to be thoroughly checked out before I allow it to enter her body. This is so serious. I am not going to be able to let my guard down as long as she has any type of food allergy.

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Dinner’s On! Allergies @ the Dentist Office

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